Counter Punched
Fighting for your life is normally a figurative expression used to depict hardship or rough times. In this new novel by Dwayne Vernon, it is truly a literal reality for the unknowing participants. We teach our young boys to always keep their head's on a swivel while playing sports. Another way of saying have eyes in the back of your head to watch your surroundings and own back! What happens when you are undefeated in the ring and crowned Heavy Weight Champion of the world, but yet your toughness fight is outside of the ring and your opponents aren't using gloves? Below the belt punches, back stabbing, and getting the kitchen sink thrown at you are all fair game. Sit back and relax as this editorial novel take you on a journey that will have you guessing, begging, and rooting for vengeance!


The Master's Plan
Sable, a male slave who worked in the fields of the Williams' Plantation, wanted his freedom more than anything. He had had enough of the humiliation and indignity to his spirit and abuse of his body, and now that slaves were fleeing to the North, day after day he contemplated running away. It consumed him. His life becomes entangled with the male house slave, Jacob, and a bond develops between the two of them -- far more than a friendship. Sable persuades Jacob to flee from the South and run to the North to find freedom with him. Abigale, another slave on the Williams' Plantation, has had all of her children sold, as well as her husband. She knew she would never see them again, thus there was nothing to keep her loyal to the massa or the plantation. She joins Sable and Jacob on their journey to freedom. During their escape and on their journey to freedom, they begin to encounter obstacles and many heartbreaks from their pasts that plague their thoughts, and that could possibly affect their future. Read as the slaves narrate their journey to freedom. (NOTE: The slaves' 1800s dialect in the narration passages has been revised for easier reading by the modern audience.)
How far would you go to protect your loved ones? In a world filled with good and evil, the only ones we can count on are our family, or is it? If your boundaries are tested would you take a stand or fold like a lawn chair? Some bonds are thicker than blood when it comes to protecting our loved ones, but are we justified in taking actions that might push that envelope too far. As police officers, and best friends, Xavier and Winston come across many situations and crime scenes -- many of which make us shake our heads at the senseless violence. Until the day Winston comes upon a scene that appears to be more than routine. A hate crime has been committed, but the precinct wants to sweep it under the rug as a robbery. Winston gets in over his head when he takes matters into his own hands and starts to investigate possible suspects. Later, Xavier is then forced to step in and take over after Winston has been hurt during the investigation. Now it is up to Xavier to exact Vengeance on those that committed the ultimate crime of hurting Winston, his colleague, his friend, his brother!
My Man, My boyz
My Man My Boyz is an intriguing story about men coming together as a family. Their shared lifestyle and compassion for each other is the back drop for this fast-paced drama filled with emotional moments and suspenseful plot twists. Tyrell and Chuck - Will this promising new relationship be destroyed by Chuck's secret past? Does his past have the power to wreak havoc on the interwoven lives of all these men? Tariff Struggling to uphold his lover's dying wish for him to find love again; he must come to terms with Demetrius, who waits in the wings. Can Demetrius be patient while Tariff accepts the love he has to offer him? Mike and Reese - The veteran lovers attempt to maintain their partnership while Mike deals with the rejection from his father, and Reese faces difficulties with getting his NFL career jump started. This mosaic of black men weaves a poignant tale through the chance encounters, human action, and past history of these eclectic characters. They all have their own issues to deal with, but the bond they share is unbreakable - or is it?
Deception Lies Truth
Will prison life change Daunte, and can his relationship with Mia survive after his rape in prison? Reese has a promising NFL career and loving relationship with Mike. Now the fact that he's gay is out, will that destroy everything he worked so hard for? Will his team mates Antonio and Keith stay by his side or will they betray him? Will Tonya and Barbara succeed with their pregnancy schemes and trap the rich and famous men they have always dreamed of? Does the return of an old boyfriend, Larry, crush both their dreams? Wil wants Jay back and he will stop at nothing; including Ricky. Can their love sustain? Curtis and Carlton are incarcerated for life. Has jail changed them, or are they still the bad boys that got locked up for murder? Now that the guys are coming back from Chuck's tour, what will Ricky and Jay do when they find out Chuck's secret?
Ronald Mantel aka "Roman," a street hustler with an 11th grade education,is running the streets of Washington, D.C. Will the ultimate betrayal by Tori, the woman that he loves and Wink his right hand man keep him in the game or push him into the arms of the unexpected?

Quentin gets caught up in the middle of lies, lust and love. Will he be able to survive or will the actions of others bring back the sins of his past?

Spiders weave intricate webs but the lives of these characters become so intertwined to the point of no return. Who will survive this rollercoaster of emotions and bad judgments with their sanity and life intact!
Willful intent

CJ and Zoiare a same gender loving couple.  Zoi is up for the promotion of a life time, will she compromise her relationship and self respect for the position?

Solomon works two part time jobs, one as a fireman, and one as a maintenance man in a corporate office building.   Will his past continue to get in his way?  Could his relationship with his old friend Deuce send him back to the streets? Or could he get with someone that can step in to put him back on the straight and narrow?

Deuce loves to meet and hook up with random men on-line.  Has he met the one that will give him a run for his money? Or will his street sense take effect and keep him on top?

Braxton is a psychologist with a narcissist personality, and he is quite indecisive when it comes to making up his mind about his bed partners. Will he be forced to make a decision?

Do we always know what our own intentions are, and will those intents push us to do things we wouldn’t normally do?


Dwayne Vernon grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia. After graduating from High School, he joined the United States Navy and completed six years of active duty service. After the military, Dwayne worked for twelve years at Xerox Business Services as a Human Resource Representative. Dwayne is now working for the Federal Government. Dwayne believes in giving back to his community, thus leading him to volunteer for four years with the Big Brother/Big Sister Program, mentoring young children; and for two years in the Everybody Wins Project where he read weekly to third and fourth graders.